Natural Beauties

Maceio, city of reasons to fall in love. From beaches to natural pools full of colorful fish, the beauty of nature lives in harmony with the city and its cultural and historical charms. In the climate or perfect sea to relax, there’s an inviting allure in Maceió.

Maceió, little piece of paradise

Sunset at waterfront

Sunset at waterfront

The beaches of Pajuçara, Ponta Verde, Jatiuca and Cruz das Almas are in urban areas and they are part of the waterfront of Maceió, considered the most beautiful in Brazil . There you can enjoy excellent hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, bike paths and a boardwalk with kiosks. In the late afternoon, it turns into a perfect runway to practice physical activities or simply to enjoy the sunset. You can also visit the beaches of the north coast as Ipioca, Pratagy, Praia da Sereia, Riacho Doce, Garça Torta, Guaxuma and Jacarecica.

Fishermen in the Lagoa Mundau

Fishermen in the Lagoa Mundau

The boat ride in the Mundau and Manguaba ponds is the guarantee of an unforgettable moment in Maceio. In Pontal da Barra it’s possible to perform the Passeio das Nove Ilhas (Walk of Nine islands) with boats sailing between a archipelago located in Lagoa Mundaú. Of the nine islands, eight of them are in the capital of Alagoas and in Marechal Deodoro, a nearby city. They are:

Ilha do Irineu: it was named in honor of the Irenaeus, old fisherman in the region;

Ilha das Andorinhas: there are many swallows’ nests on the island and every year is a migratory flow in the region of these birds;

Ilha do Fogo: it has this name because the island had alembic, which went bankrupt years later because employees consume the product;

Ilha de Santa Marta: the name is a tribute to Santa Marta;

Ilha do Almirante: it has this name because there lived a Navy Admiral who died there; 

Ilha de Um Coqueiro Só: a flood in 1989 devastated the island and only survived one coconut tree in the region;

Ilha das Cabras: it has this name because a farmer raised goats on the island, but had to abort the creation of the region because of pollution;

Ilha Bora Bora: got this name because the people of the region shortened the word “embora” (come on) to “bora”, when they wanted to go up to the island.

Ilha de Santa Rita: belongs to Marechal Deodoro (nearby city). It’s the largest lake island in the country. Currently, the island is a nature conservation area because it has a very rich fauna and flora.


Stay aware…

Adapted rafts

Adapted rafts

… see board tides before going to the natural pool in Pajuçara beach. The ideal is 0.0 to 0.5. Search for accredited professionals (jangadeiros).

 … in 2010 opened the first raft adapted in the capital, that leaves wheelchair user to the famous natural pool of Pajuçara beach.


Praia da Avenida

Praia da Avenida

– Mirante Ambrózio Lira:  in Ambrósio Lira street, Farol. There has view of Praia da Avenida and all the rest of the coast that goes to the Pontal da Barra and the downtown.

– Mirante Chã de Bebedouro: located at Avenida Osvaldo Cruz, Santa Amelia road, in  Chã da Jaqueira neighborhood. Much of Mundaú Lagoon can be seen from there.

– Mirante do Cortiço: is on the street behind the Colégio Sacramento.  There is a view of the downtown and part of the Praia da Avenida.

– Mirante Kátia Assunção: located in the Jacintinho, you can see all the coast of Maceió f rom Cruz das Almas Beach to Praia da Avenida, where the city’s port is located.

– Mirante da Sereia: located on 101 north road, in the Pratagy Beach.  You can see the sea of ​​Pratagy, where is located the mermaid statue.

– Mirante de São Gonçalo: near the Igreja de São Gonçalo, in Farol. There is a view of the downtown and Pajuçara Ponta Verde beaches, the Port of Maceio and all along the south coast.

– Mirante de Santa Terezinha: in front of the Church of St. Therese, in Farol. You can view part of Mundaú Lagoon, Palácio dos Martírios and Estádio Rei Pelé (known as Trapichão).

That list of observatories has links to maps of the locations. Click where you want to meet.

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