Orla de Maceió

Meeting Maceio, its beauties, stories and locations guarantees unforgettable moments. Those who visit the capital of Alagoas have to walk on the waterfront of Maceio, the most beautiful and enlightened in Brazil. Taking coconut water, enjoy ice cream of cajá, mango, graviola. And in the evening, eating tapioca and enjoy the rafts in the swing of the sea.



Where to go in Maceió:

  • Rent a bicycle to get to know the bike path from Maceió Pontal Beach Bar Beach to Jatiúca.
  • Navigate to the natural pools of Pajuçara, the oldest postcard from Maceió, who keep the natural reefs. But Pajuçara is also a sea of leisure opportunities for all. People with limited physical mobility, like the elderly and wheelchair users, have three rafts accessible.
  • The natural pools of Pajuçara are also perfect spas in the open. Far from the city and in the midst of the sea anti-stress massages and exercises are good for body and mind.
  • Pontal da Barra, a neighborhood located on the south coast of Maceió, is the fate to unravel the secrets of the most typical handicrafts of Alagoas: “filé”, a millennial lace embroidery, tradition passed from mother to daughter. Now, besides women, men also dominate the trade. More than art of embroiderers, the Pontal da Barra has the most beautiful sunsets in Mundaú Lake and several regional cuisine restaurants.
  • Visit the Handicrafts Market in Central Maceió is also a must. It ceramics, embroidery, leather sandals, straw bags, and especially the sculptures of matchsticks artist Arlino Monteiro To buy the craft still has Feirinha Pajuçara, Pavilion Pajuçara and Guerreiros das Alagoas.
  • Also in the center of Maceió a visit to Karandash art gallery, displaying works of contemporary art and artists of the popular culture of Alagoas.
  • On Sunday take the family for a day of leisure on the beach Pajuçara. The seafront promenade is closed to walking, cycling and promote lots of fun for the children.
  • On Sundays, the uptown, take the family to the Lazer na Praça do Centenário. The Plaza has space for sports, culture and other leisure activities such as picnic.
  • Catching waves on the beaches of Cruz das Almas, Jatiúca, Jacarecica and Riacho Doce.
  • Serene beaches: : Pajuçara, Ponta Verde, Jatiúca, Guaxuma, Garça Torta, Mirante da Sereia, Pratagy and Ipioca.
  • On the way North Coast taste the cakes and sweets from Riacho Doce Beach. Tapioca, beiju, grude, brasileira, coconut sweets, typical cakes, all made from old clay ovens and wood.

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